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The Circle is a universal symbol of wholeness and unity. Dancing in a circle is one of the most ancient ways in which people community and togetherness. Many of the dances were brought to Britain as 'Sacred Dances' by Bernard Wosien, a German ballet teacher, who travelled widely in Greece, Serbia and Croatia, where the old round dances were, and still are kept alive, and was struck by the sacred quality and symbolism that their ancient steps and rhythms expressed.

Circle dancing is now well established in Wales and aborad and the dance repertoire has greatly increased in the past 20 years. The aim is to create a sense of well-being and communion with others, inviting a sense of wholeness into our lives through the dance. Come and have a go!

- The Free Flyer September '07

Llandovery Folk Dancing

'Much Ado', a lively ceilidh/twmpath band from mid Powys are staging a big event in Llandovery, (hosted by Llandovery folk dancing). Open to all who want to have fun and enjoy some dancing.

This is the first in a new season of ceilidhs sinse the passing of Jon Simonds. Sadly, Jon died of heart failure last October, he had been a well renowned melodeon player and back in early 80s, a founder member of the band 'Much Ado'.

Donations/ raffle to the British Heart Foundation.

The Llandovery Folk Dancers hope you will join them for and enjoyable night, bring your friends or come on your own and if you are able. Take a plate of food to share.